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``Digitize Claims Management and Security Technology Integration``


“A modern company with more than a decade of experience in the insurance and security industry.  Since 2007, provide claims solutions to major insurance companies, vehicle fleet owners and private policyholders with the objective to bring a cost-effective claims solutions to the industry”.

We Serve

Founded in 2007, we have grown exponentially working with large vehicle fleet owners and insurance companies. Our team consists of professional chartered loss adjusters, claims adjusters, surveyors and technical specialists and security managers.  The team comes from a diverse backgrounds with past experiences in multi national companies, loss adjusting, law enforcement, engineering, finance and security sector.


Insurance Sector


We resolve complicated insurance claims process by using comprehensive claims management systems.  We innovate Mobile App in accident reporting, motor claims and proactive settlements and vehicle damage assessment systems. Partnering large vehicle fleet owners and private vehicle owners enable our solutions for a transparent, easy and digitalized claims process and management to benefit policyholders.


Security Industry Sector


We provide security manpower and technology integration to commercial, residential, retail and shopping centre. Our technology integration is centered around our 24hrs Central Command Centre with the latest technologies and software systems in access control, monitoring and remote surveillance.  This enable an efficient and effective security workforce for critical security operations.

Serving more than 10,000 vehicles on Mobile Accident Reporting Services

More than 100,000 claims handled and resolved

Track records of securing more than 100 security events, projects and permanent sites

Successful implementations of security systems and technology for residential and commercial sites


Future Digital Claims Systems

With more than a decade of experience in the claims industry, our team of young professionals are developing digital claims solutions for the insurance companies, vehicle fleets owners and private vehicle owners. We are the first mover in the industry to launch our comprehensive digital claims platform claims systems.  Contact us to know more.

Aspectus Security Workforce System

Aspectus Security Workforce System caters to a fully digitalized platform system catered for critical security operations, e-patrol, e-attendance, e-incident reporting and e-learning systems. This provides real time monitoring of deployed security officers and operations on the ground by the Central Command Centre. The security workforce system enabled a more efficient and effective enhanced security operations.

A.I. Solutions

Facial Recognition is a thermal screening solution widely used in all business or personal premises such as commercial buildings, condominiums, shopping spaces and schools with high influx of crowd traffic.

Supply and install security systems and technology integrations

Supply and installation of Security Systems and Technology Integration such as Smart CCTV with video analytics enables remote monitoring to be effected with our virtual patrolling system to enhance the safety and security of business premises. The operations are monitored and controlled by our 24hrs Central Command Centre.


JP Knights Adjusters & Surveyors

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Head Office
33 Ubi Ave 3 #05-46/47
Vertex Tower A
Singapore 408868
Tel: +65 6345 0068
Email: info@jpknights.com

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