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``Forefront of Technology Integration & Solutions Provider``

Aspectus Central Command Centre

Centered around our 24-Hour Control Centre, the complexity of today’s operation systems require that they operate in a single user interface to increase situational awareness and reduce response time. At Aspectus, we established a state-of-the-art Command Centre that hosts a fully integrated security system such as video analytics and remote monitoring.  This allows next-level visualization, control and communication to create a smart security system.


Video Analytics CCTV and Remote Monitoring

Video analytics and remote monitoring centered around our Central Command Centre. We handle security critical operations in our 24hrs operations centre.  We deploy the latest technology in our security operations and enable technology integration to enhance the safety and security of all sites.

Access Control

Our Virtual Guard Station solve your access control with easily deployed system, full mobility and low costs.  Vehicle barrier systems are the essential car park management solution if you need to control and manage the vehicle transit in and out of your car park facilities. Through integration with License Plate Recognition, our vehicle barrier allow you to efficiently manage and track the movement of every vehicles entering into your car park premises even in situation of heavy traffic.

A.I Solutions

Facial Recognition is a thermal screening solution widely used in all business or personal premises such as commercial buildings, condominiums, shopping spaces and schools with high influx of crowd traffic.

Licence Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition System utilizes a high-resolution camera to acquire a vehicle image for reading license plate information. The system allows the definition of multiple detection zones.  Only vehicle plate that appears within the defined detection zones will be processed.


This eliminates the need for an induction loop detector – cost savings. It can also be integrated with 3rd party hardware because of its open system structure design.  As a Number Plate Recognition System solutions vendor in Singapore, we have years of proven project track record in providing industry innovative and automated surveillance solutions that meet your needs.


We position ourselves in providing an end-to-end and operationally robust number Plate Recognition System which is aimed at assisting car park facilities administrators using Electronic Parking System to automate your car park management operations.


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